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A Day at Barks and Recreation 


Drop Offs

Our drop off period is 7am - 10am.
Our friendly staff will greet you and your dog in reception at your selected drop off time. 
Your dog must arrive on lead to ensure everyone's safety. Drop off is also your opportunity to give us any last minute updates that you think we may need to know (e.g. your dog didn't sleep well and is feeling a bit tired, they have a new scratch on their leg that they keep licking at, they are feeling a bit unwell from the long car ride, they are a bit anxious this morning because they had a run in with the neighbour's cat, etc.)
After you say goodbye (and your dog is absolutely bursting to run through to the play areas and meet their friends!) your dog will be shown to one of our three indoor pens to begin their day. If your dog is a regular visitor, our staff will know which other dogs to group them with to provide the most suitable playmates. If your dog is a first time visitor, or just requires some extra time to re-familiarise themselves with the surroundings, we can provide a slower introduction to the group. 

Pup parents, don't forget to keep up with your dog's day via our regular video and photo updates on Instagram and Facebook!

Morning Play Time
After all of our dogs have arrived, introductions have been made and everyone has settled in with their friends, it is time to play! Under the careful supervision of our carers, your dog will enjoy indoor play equipment to climb on, under and through. Outside they can explore the garden, dig in the sandpit and even splash in our bone-shaped pools if the weather is warm. We have balls for fetching, ropes for tugging, puzzles to solve and snuffle mats for sniffing out some tasty treats! Some dogs will wrestle with their besties and play chasey, and others might prefer to play with the toys, cuddle with the humans or lounge on a bed and and watch all of the action. Enrichment activities such as playing with (ripping up!) cardboard boxes, chasing dog-safe bubbles, nose work in the garden, learning new tricks and crunching on frozen treats in the warm weather are also on high rotation each week.


If your dog requires lunch during their visit, please provide this to staff in a sealed container/zip lock bag that is clearly labelled with your dog's name. Lunches are fed at 12.30pm in a designated eating area away from the rest of the group. 

Quiet Time

From 1pm, it is time to rest and recharge. We encourage all dogs to sleep by packing up the toys, closing the blinds, turning off the lights, playing some relaxation music and using an essential oil diffuser with calming lavender oil. We have plenty of raised beds, soft floor mats and cosy blankets for dogs to lie on, and our carers are on hand to provide plenty of pats, cuddles, or even a lap to snooze on. At Barks and Recreation, we know that rest is an important part of a dog's day. Overtired dogs are more prone to behaviour issues, and dogs that have been 'on the go' all day are at risk of injuring themselves. While we appreciate that not every dog in our care will sleep during the day, we find that most will at least have a lie down and a rest before our afternoon play session. 
Pick Ups
Our pick up period is 3.30pm - 6.30pm.
From 3.30pm, owners begin picking up their dogs. When you arrive at your selected pick up time, one of our carers will bring your dog out to meet you in the reception area. We will provide you with an overview of your dog's day and answer any questions that you may have. 

At the end of each day, all pup parents are emailed a highlight video of our day at Barks and Recreation. Sit back and enjoy watching all of the fun that your dog had with their friends!

Afternoon Play Time

After everyone has recharged, it is time to play again! Our carers may introduce some new toys and activities or bring back the morning favourites. At Barks and Recreation, we take the time to get to know your dog and provide enrichment activities based on their interests, age, size, breed and energy levels.
Come and see for yourself! Contact us to book a tour of our facilities

Ready to enrol? Read our enrolment and booking information here

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