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About us


Are you returning to the office and your dog needs some company during the day?

Does your new puppy need some socialisation? 

Does your dog need more stimulation than you can currently give them?

Do you live in an apartment and need somewhere where your dog can run around? 

Is the weather too wet/cold/hot to leave your dog in the backyard?

Does your dog just enjoy a change of scenery and making new friends? 

Whatever your reason, Barks and Recreation is here.

At Barks and Recreation you can feel comfortable knowing that your dog is spending their day in a safe, attentive and stimulating environment. 
With both indoor and outdoor play areas as well as mental and physical enrichment through exercise, games and toys, your best friend is sure to have a fun-filled day and return to you feeling content and relaxed.

How can I be sure that the daycare I choose is right for my dog?

The owner of Barks and Recreation asked herself this question when trying to decide on a daycare for her own dog to attend. There were plenty of dog daycare services around, but none that seemed quite good enough for her fur baby. The idea to open Barks and Recreation was sparked after concluding that there was a real need for a dog daycare that:

Is transparent with clients and will give honest and open feedback on how their dog's day went;

Is sensitive to the needs of those dogs that require a bit more love and support - especially those that require some new human and/or doggy friends to keep them company post-pandemic; 

Has qualified and experienced carers with a thorough understanding of dog psychology and body language;

Has safe, hygienic and spacious play areas, as well as an outdoor space for fresh air, toileting and extra space to run;

Adheres to Victoria's Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments by maintaining strict cleaning and disinfecting processes, as well as ensuring pens are not overcrowded and there are minimum staff-to-dog ratios; 

Is convenient for locals of Coburg, Pascoe Vale, Fawkner, Reservoir, Glenroy, Preston and the surrounding suburbs.

Barks and Recreation is all of the above, plus so much more. It was founded as an alternative to the numerous overcrowded, understaffed and unethical daycare centres on offer. If the staff at Barks and Recreation were ever to enrol our own dogs at a daycare, we would expect that they would be well cared for, safe, get plenty of attention, would spend the day in a clean and stimulating environment and would come home happy and content - and that is exactly what YOU should expect from us. 

We value transparency and honesty 

We pride ourselves on our transparency - from making ourselves available for tours of our facilities, to the huge window in reception that you can view your dog from at pick up time. While some other dog daycares hide the dogs away behind closed doors, we'd rather you see just how fabulous we are!


We will be always open and honest with our pet parents. Our qualified carers are in attendance with your dog at all times and will give you honest feedback about their day. If your dog is not absolutely loving their time at Barks and Recreation, we will let you know. We want all of our furry friends to be excited about arriving at daycare in the morning - tails wagging, butts wiggling and bursting through the door!


Got questions, concerns, first day nerves or forgot to tell us something at drop off? You are always welcome to call, email or slide into our DMs. And while you are off doing boring human stuff, feel free to check in on the fun your dog is having via our regular photo and video updates on social media. After pick up time, you will be emailed a highlight video - enjoy watching how your dog and their playmates spent their day!

Our staff are qualified professionals 

Barks and Recreation only employs daycare attendants that have relevant tertiary qualifications in animal care and have had previous experience working in similar roles. You can be assured that every carer supervising your dog has a strong understanding of dog behaviour and psychology, can accurately read dog body language, is knowledgeable about different dog breeds and is trained to pick up on common health issues. Not only that, but they also REALLY love dogs! 

Meet our team here.

We meet (and exceed!) government standards 

Did you know that there is a Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments in Victoria? Although it is a requirement that all pet boarding and daycare businesses meet these standards, sadly the dog daycare industry is largely unregulated. Many daycare centres "pass" their yearly inspections only to operate without oversight for the next 12 months. If you are in the process of selecting the best dog daycare for your pooch, some questions to ask are:

Are there enough staff?
The Code states that:  
- For between 18 - 30 dogs, a minimum of 2 supervising staff are required. 
- For between 31 - 40 dogs, a minimum of 3 supervising staff are required. 
- For between 41 - 50 dogs, a minimum of 4 supervising staff are required.

- For between 51 - 60 dogs, a minimum of 5 supervising staff are required.

- For between 61 - 70 dogs, a minimum of 6 supervising staff are required.

Is there enough space?  
The Code states that each pen has play and rest areas with a minimum of 14 square metres for the first dog and 5.5 square metres for every dog after that. A maximum of 17 dogs can be enclosed in one pen.

Is it hygienic? 
The Code states that disinfection of pens must be done daily with hospital grade disinfectants. Floors should be impervious (waterproof, no cracks where water or urine can soak in, etc), washable and nonslip. Outdoor areas must not be muddy or dusty. 

Is my dog properly supervised?
The Code states that where enclosures are separated by physical barrier a staff member must be in visual and audible range of animals in each enclosure at all times - in short, a staff member must be able to see and hear your dog at all times. A group of dogs should NEVER be left unattended – even for a few minutes.


Not only do Barks and Recreation meet these standards; we exceed them. We welcome you to come in for a tour and see for yourself!

Come and see for yourself! Contact us to book a tour of our facilities. 

Ready to enrol? Read our enrolment and booking information here

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