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New to Barks and Recreation?
For a limited time only, unleash your dog's first four visits for only $100!

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Barks and Recreation

Welcome to dog daycare where your dog is part of our family

Welcome to our family, where we provide the care that your furry best friend deserves. Offering large indoor and outdoor play spaces with qualified carers always in attendance, you can be sure that your dog is safe, happy and enjoying a tail-wagging good time!

At Barks and Recreation, we have it all! 
Small group sizes and plenty of room for dogs to play and rest - no overcrowded pens here! 

Qualified and experienced carers are always in attendance with your dog. We never leave dogs unsupervised. 

A large, artificially turfed outdoor area with dog-safe plants, secure fencing and plenty of space for zoomies, playing fetch or lounging in the sun.

Over 300 square metres of indoor play space with three separately fenced indoor play areas. Plenty of fun equipment to climb on, hide under, chase around or nap on!

Ample raised beds, soft floor mats and blankets for resting and sleeping.

Loads of toys and puzzles for your dog to play with, as well different enrichment activities provided by staff to suit your dog's interests. 

Safety vinyl flooring in all indoor play areas - 100% waterproof, hygienic, non-slip, and softer on joints and warmer underfoot than concrete surfaces. 

Light filled premises with radiant heating, commercial cooling fans and open windows for fresh air. 

All surfaces, play equipment and indoor fences/gates are made from PVC, vinyl or heavy duty plastic - meaning that they can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. No wooden fencing or ramps that can be chewed on, splinter or absorb urine! 
Keep up with how your dog is spending their day via our regular video and photo updates on Instagram and Facebook. 

At the end of each day, all pup parents
 are emailed a highlight video of our day at Barks and Recreation. Sit back and enjoy watching all of the fun that your dog had with their friends!

Come and see for yourself! Contact us to book a tour of our facilities. 

Ready to enrol? Read our enrolment and booking information here

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